Advent Calendar – Day 3 Secret Santa Round Up

So Day 3 is upon us and what better time to round up secret santa gift ideas? 1 Crown + Glory Cracker Glitter Mystery Pack – £10 2 Terrific Project Desk Pad – £10 3 Daily Dishonesty Book – £8 4 Kitty Nail Transfers – £8 5 Christmas Socks – £5 6 Skull Beer Glass – £9.99 7 Gin + Titonic Ice Cube Mould – £6.99 8 Careless Whisker Notebook – £8 Happy shopping folks!        

Advent Calendar – Day 2

  So it’s day 2 – congratulations to the winner of yesterday’s mug giveaway – Charlotte Brazier – I’ll be in touch! Now to celebrate the launch of my newly updated go big or go home mug, there’s 25% off the mug and the go big or go home tea towel, for 24 hours only!

Advent Calendar – Day 1

  So as it’s apparently already December I thought I’d kick off a month of loveliness (giveaways, special codes, uplifting blog posts etc. etc.) with a quick giveaway.      Yeah, you. A mug. Not that you are a mug, just that you can win a mug of your choice from the shop. Just click here to enter, easy peasy. Happy Advent y’all!    

A Flamboyance Of Flamingos…

This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had working on a table plan… although quite gutted I didn’t get to sit on the flamingo table. If you are looking for something a little bit different for your wedding, please do get in touch.

Cardigan Crush

So I have spent the whole summer in pastels, but I found myself in New Look after a sling back disaster and fell in love with this outfits. In fact, I’m wearing it right now. 1 – Dark Pink Midi Cardigan £29.99 2 – Gingham Tunic Dress £24.99 3 – Sling Back Silver Flats £19.99 I feel like I must just get through Autumn now.

Love, Hope + Joy

  So this year The Terrific Project is taking on a life (and a website) of it’s own. With different versions and everything. Not just Terrific. Family, Romantic + Business too. What more could you want? And for those of you that don’t dig big planners, there’s A4 wall calendars too. I hope to see your terrific things on instagram + twitter, show them off and join in with #theterrificproject

Always Planning Ahead

I wrote a post last year about trying to enjoy the journey and the anticipation. However, it seems more and more that I’m living in anticipation of something that may be happening next week, next year or at some indeterminable point in the future. Just waiting for that to happen, …

Just One More Thing…

  Sub title: Probably the only productivity tip I will ever write. I am a putter-offer of unbelievable magnitude. And this is my top tip. When you want to give up for the day (or for the night) and sit down + recuperate, just force yourself to do one more thing. Just one. Maybe, once you’ve done this extra thing, you may even be convinced to do another thing. But that’s up to you. If you just do that one extra thing that will make life easier tomorrow or give you a better nights sleep without it hanging over your head, …

Idea Overload – Picking The Winners

New ideas can be hard to come by and yet conversely, sometimes they can be overwhelming. I’m lucky at the moment that they just keep coming, but finding a way of organising them and picking out the ones that will work is vital to make sure they don’t go to waste. This is how I manage my idea overload. I’m not the most organised person, but I make sure that when something pops into my head I note it down straight away. I find the best way to do this is on ‘notes’ in my phone – it’s always somewhere …

Friendships Multiply Joys

When I left school and started living in the grown up world, making new friends and looking after them kind of slipped way down my list of priorities. I was surrounded by friends in my job, and as I lived above a pub it was like I always had a houseful …