Cats, Pineapples, Clouds, Balloons & Other Nice Things

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Cats, Pineapples, Clouds, Balloons & Other Nice Things


Now as my family will no doubt agree, I am hopeless at getting birthday cards organised on time Рso my new product lines are  actually designed to solve one of my own problems.

Pat Lifestyle

Sweet, pastel colours, rather adorable patterns (if I do say so myself), and best of they come in sets of 4, so you can always have one to hand when you remember a birthday last minute! And best of all, they are on sale at a special new things price of £7.50 for the set of 4, with FREE UK delivery and everything.


Everybody loves shapes right? So the first set of 4 is based on the best shapes known to man – triangles, circles, hexagons and then the wild card – an ikat inspired pattern.

Cute Patterns

And the second set, which have just pipped it as my top favourite, feature pineapples, balloons, clouds and CATS.


And because they are my top favourite, I also made them into a set of postcards, for all your sweet little notes and thank yous.



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