Things I Learnt from Being a Waitress (Part 2)

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Things I Learnt from Being a Waitress (Part 2)

Things I learnt from being a waitress

Keep Cool as a Cucumber

I used to be a stress head. Waitressing totally cured me of that. If you’re busy, there are 20 things you need to do in the next 10 minutes constantly ticking over in your brain – the only way to deal with that is to keep focused, prioritise things and work through your list. Over & over again.

Life is Like a Soap Opera

Wow, I have lived a sheltered life. There is A LOT going on out in the big bad world, and working in a big restaurant you witness first hand how interconnected your lives all become, and in turn how much drama goes down. Some people do love the drama.

Write Things Down

I once worked with a waiter who would refuse to write anything down, claiming he was some kind of super genius who could remember the drinks, food and side orders of tables of 10 without writing it down. Inevitably, things go wrong, and when they do, having a note scrawled somewhere can save your little socks. Even now, when I sit down to work for the day I grab a dog eared piece of scrap paper and scrawl a list of all the projects I’m working on and anything else I need to remember – sure, I’ve got wunderlist (which by the way is great), and infinite numbers of apps that are supposed to organise my brain, but a scrap of paper is just RIGHT THERE in front of me.


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