Dreaming Big – The Blogcademy in Photos

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Dreaming Big – The Blogcademy in Photos

Dream Big

Dreaming big for my business is something that is very new to me, it first started last September when I went to the Papergirls Workshop and by the end of the year I was feeling so positive and determined to drive my business forward in 2013. With that in mind, I knew I wanted to go to the Blogcademy when it came to London, so much so that I even entered the scholarship when I couldn’t sign up.

Well on Christmas morning, my very generous husband revealed that he’d already bought me my place on one of the London Workshops – what a sweetheart!

Curtain Road Studios by Jessica Roberts

Arriving at the beautiful Curtain Road Studios in East London and being greeted by marvellous goody bags, and on brand decorations galore was a hint at how slick the workshop was to be. The 2 days that followed were a whirlwind of inspiration, empowerment and intensity. Kat, Gala and Shauna were like an open book, their candid & honest approach was definitely what blew me away about this workshop.

Blogcademy by Jessica Roberts

Shauna, Gala & Kat giggling and doing their thing

Emily Quinton by Jessica Roberts


Emily Quinton of the Start Up Wife talking photography – my new girl crush


Good blogging Instax by Jessica Roberts

It was a total instax-fest – and I didn’t have any bloody film, typical!

Veronica Dearly by Jessice Roberts

All photographs by the wonderful Photos by Jessica whom I thank for dragging me out in front of the camera despite my protestations, as I really rather like the picture above!


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  2. Thanks Shauna, glad you like them, and v glad I didn’t put you off commenting when I had wine and told you how sophisticated you are! x

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